Basic Service

£40 (excluding parts)

The basic service is a tune up of your bike. It includes the following:

Good for: Bikes that need a quick tune up, (perhaps before an event).
New bikes that need assembling.

General Service

£60 (excluding parts)

The general service is crucial to keeping your bike working. It includes the following:

Good for: All bikes at least every six months to keep things running smoothly.

Full Service

£90 (excluding parts)

The full service is a complete strip down of your bike. It includes the following:

Good for: Restoring your bike to its former glory, recommended annually depending on usage.

General maintenance costs

(parts charged separately)

This is by no means a complete list of services.

Please contact us for further information.

Bike services reviews on Facebook

Tony is great and quick at keeping my bike on the road. Good knowledgeable service thanks
Sheena Felton
Bike service customer
Friendly and efficient service. Great attention to detail. Highly recommended!
Paddy Harris
Bike service customer